Current Events

Moderated by Gia M. Hamilton
August 15th 
Monday 7pm- 9pm | Closing Ceremony
Afrofuture Society presents the opening ceremony entitled Sleeping Giant
Soundscapes featuring DJ Laylo | Healing performance by “Sula” Janet Evans  + poet/scholar A Scribe Called Quess 7:00pm-7:30pm

August 23rd
Tuesday 6pm -8pm | Artist Talk
Topic: The Global South, Healing Work, The Art Making Process and "Women's Work"
Bronwyn Katz | South African based artist
Kristina Robinson |  New Orleans based writer
Sharbreon Plummer | New Orleans based artist

September 27th
Tuesday 6pm-8pm | Artist Talk
Theme: Abstraction, Activism and Aesthetics- Conjectural Mapping
A Scribe Called Quess | New Orleans based poet/scholar
Cairo Kwame | New Orleans based organizer/scholar
Torrence Taylor | New Orleans based cultural practitioner/stylist

October 1st 
Saturday 6-9pm | Closing Ceremony
Afrofuture Society Soundscapes featuring DJ Sabine with
Amina Massey | Photographer/ founder of Shotgun Griot podcast
Matthew Rosenbeck | New Orleans based visual artist and founder of Junk Masters Curated Thrift
MaPo Kinnord | New Orleans based visual artist Pinch Pots